Mango is a fruit. No, Mango is a fish or a cat. Mango’s a supersonic boxship. Discussion’s over. Mango is a canvas.

In La Paz, Bolivia, we met Eddy and Cecilia owners and creative minds behind Mama Coca, a shop selling masks and other artwork made by the two owners.  We had been toying for a while with the idea of some Mango adornment. The idea of getting local artists in the cities we visit to add a design to Mango was appealing. Impressed by the amazing masks the couple had created, we decided to inquire further.

Eddy and Cecilia’s design came back and was spot on. The video above is the full description of their vision for our car, but to give a sense, the idea was Pacha Mama, the Bolivian vision of Mother Earth, shielding the two main ecosystems of Bolivia, the highlands of the Andes mountain range and the forested lowlands, under her flowing dress. Behind her, a scorched a devastated landscape expands outside her protective fold. Yes! Hippy-correct? Check!

We dropped the car off on the top of an absurdly steep street in La Paz. Five days later we returned to claim our Mango in her revised glory. She has taken a new full name: Pachamango.