Our Mission

Verdant Collective is glacier-hopping the Andes and driving through the heart of the Amazon in a veggie-oil powered van, to chronicle climate change and push for conservation, indigenous rights, and sustainable travel.
We are journalists, activists, and artists with little to no background in environmental issues, but perhaps that’s the point. We’ve taken to the road to show how anyone can be a part of solutions to the defining environmental challenges of our day. We hope to inform others about what´s happening on the ground in Latin America and, when we find ourselves particularly inspired, we pull the van over and lend a hand to other groups working on issues we care about.
Here on our website, you can follow our progress and find ways to participate directly in Latin America. You can read up on the issues in The Verdant Beat, catch anecdotes from our trip in On The Road, and see how to run a car on used vegetable oil in the Veggie Oil Depot You can also follow our progress and look for volunteer opportunities on the Route Map, or find restaurants willing to collaborate with biodiesel travelers in Como Se Dice Refill?
Along the way, we hope to map out a new model for activist tourism that can be replicated by anyone, anywhere – or at the very least how to quit your job and “find yourself” through ’60s throwback, cubicle-cleansing travel.

-Verdant Collective