Todd Brehm

Aliases: Iron Pot, Blanco Niño, El Profe, Nescauzinho

I consider myself a student of the world, a student of life. Possibly because I have worked as a teacher, I realize how little I know and how much learning excites me, and I believe that this amazing and astounding world around us is the greatest teacher. For me, in my mind experiential education is the only form of education. Thus, hopping into a van with four other passionate and inspired minds to venture through a continent bursting with human and natural diversity with the purposes of studying and exposing the environmental problems we face and their possible solutions, speaking the languages and immersing ourselves in the cultures, and of course experiencing the unrelenting pull of the open road was a question that only had one answer for me: Sí, Sim, and Yes.

My background: I grew up in a loving family in a suburb of Boston, graduated from Emory University with a double-major in Spanish and International Relations, and then worked for two years as an eighth-grade Spanish and English teacher at a fancy Boston prep school. Since then, I have moved to São Paulo to improve my Portuguese skills, Samba skills, and general easy-living skills, in addition to working as a translator and English teacher.

My two favorite songs right now are Jeff Buckley’s “Last Goodbye” and My Morning Jacket’s cover of “Tyrone” by Erykah Badu.